granolux Drei Haufen Dunkel


granolux is your answer to the challenging demands of our time and the latest trends in architecture and the construction industry. The ultrafine 0.1-1.0 mm grain size of the new product range makes it possible to achieve particularly smooth and glossy surfaces. The high 100% pure and natural quality of our raw materials also ensures impressive, uniform colouring, colour purity and colour fastness. Set new standards with fascinating concrete products - and rely on granolux for a successful future.


Welcome to the world of ultrafine materials, designed for you to produce and create trendsetting concrete surfaces for ourdoor areas. You can create uniform, harmonious, weather-resistant and colourfast surfaces of the highest quality with granolux  based on our 100% natural raw material. granolux  celebrated its premiere at bauma 2016 trade fair! Experience our well-known and proven Odenwald granite in its finest form.
Discover the outstanding properties of granolux ; especially compared to ceramic products that are increasingly becoming omnipresent in this segment.
granolux  offers you the opportunity to produce the finest concrete products in a ceramic design for both indoor and outdoor areas.
100% Pure and natural
100% Colourfast
100% Quality
100% Odenwald granite