Our Commitment to Culture

Röhrig granit® promotes culture. The Center for Associations ("Haus der Vereine") is the central starting point for culture-related organizations. On its premises associations can conduct their training sessions as well as hold and organize cultural events. For this purpose, both a cultural hall and a training room can be used. With respect to the cultural sector, Röhrig granit® sponsors, and supports the Choral Union of Kirschhausen.

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The Square Dancers

Founded: 1993

Association goals: The club members of the Heppenheim Square Dance Club "The Crazy Pink Cadillacs SDC Heppenheim/Bergstr." dance the square dancing on the dance floor. Square dancing is a traditional folk dance from the USA, by which four couples perform the dance being called upon by a caller at a square dance "on command", i.e., the caller is responsible for calling out the instructions to the dancers, and for creating dance sequences. Even if it looks like that, the square dancing sequence of figures cannot be learned by heart but should be constantly performed anew by following the caller´s instructions, specifying which moves dancers should perform. As a result, every pattern of moves is performed differently. A specific feature of a square dance is the fact that square dancing knows no age limits, and is open to singles and couples. That is why, even if you come to the dance floor without a partner, you can - if you want to - choose a new partner for every dance move.

Membership: 27