Building bricks – the natural slope reinforcement!

RÖHRIG granit® is reliable manufacturer of granite building bricks in form of slope stones. Materials are being extraced from own quarries.

For construction of natural walls quarry stones grey granite, but also of yellow jura can be used. Yellow jura is also a part of RÖHRIG's product range.

Furthermore, amourstones for slope reinforcement of grey granite and red gneiss, both self-manufactured, can be used for construction of natural walls.Those products can also be found in RÖHRIG's portfolio.

building bricks
slope stones granite grey
approx. 15-25cm high & low, approx. 20-40cm long
building bricks granite grey
approx. 20/20/40-60cm
building bricks jura yellow
approx. 20-25cm broad, approx. 20-60cm long,
different heights (approx. 12cm, approx. 16cm, approx. 20cm)
quarry stones granite grey
approx. 40/40/60-120cm
quarry stones granite grey
approx. 40-80cm on average and > approx. 80cm on average
quarry stones jura yellow
approx. 50/50-55/50-140cm
amourstones granite grey
approx. 15-45cm on average
amourstones granite red
approx. 15-45cm on average
amourstones basalt black
approx. 15-45cm on average
amourstones dolomit yellow
approx. 15-45cm on average
wall plates jura yellow, polygonal
strengths: approx. 5-10cm / approx. 10-15cm / approx. 15-20cm