Our Projects

Exceptional circumstances require unusual measures

In addition to regular funding, RÖHRIG granit® has already sponsored a large number of individual initiatives in the area around Heppenheim. Be it mineral raw materials shipments, providing with heavy equipment or financial support – numerous projects could have been proceeded, and realized thanks to the support of RÖHRIG granit®

Workshops for children

Since 2009, RÖHRIG granit® has organized workshops for children and youngsters of the surrounding areas attending kindergartens, and secondary schools.

Already in the run-up to the project week "Stones & Geology" teachers and children´s educators impart their scientific knowledge of the subject concerning stones, the origin and history of the rocks and soil of which the earth is made, etc. to their students, and kindergarten kids. Afterwards, when the project week actually starts, children are given the opportunity to broaden their existing knowledge on the topic, and learn more about stones and geology-related issues.

A guided plant tour through the RÖHRIG granit® business premises enables little visitors and guests to gain a deeper insight into the day-to-day work of a quarry by experiencing it first-hand. At the same time, the focus is on transferring knowledge to children in a simple, easily understandable manner. Children discover a world beyond quarries with all their senses, emotions, and passion. They can see how raw materials are extracted, processed and refined, and can touch the manufactured products themselves. What makes children feel happy is surely slithering downhill – from the top of the fine stone splittings peaks towards the bottom of the hill. In addition, children get a lot of enjoyment from making creative handicrafts, and enjoy working with stones very much.

In projects, specially designed and offered for children of different age groups, children can pour either colorful fine sands into glass jars or develop and design their own sand pictures, create sculptures made of soft soapstone, make jewelry or treasure chests.