Children´s holiday camp

In 2010, the RÖHRIG granit® company launched the first children´s holiday camp.

Its motto was, "Stones, Nature & Natural Habitats." In co-operation with teachers, mineralogists, geologists, the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), the forestry officials, trained experts in forest-related education, and rangers, a diversified and interesting program has been implemented.

Just to give an example, children participated in various activities: they were on guided quarry tours, excursions, participated in the event "Forest Day", involving a rally through the forest, experimented with stones, dug the quarry area for minerals, observed the animals, dug and created a pond, made sculptures or creative handicrafts (e.g. jewelry, treasure chests or slate scrapers, scratching the slates to make a picture). Finally, we arranged a farewell party for children. At a presentation mile we showed our guests the birds of prey.

Working in teams and groups, children found out more about the topic. Transferring of theoretical knowledge was done in a way that was easily understandable to children. At the same time, individuality and creativity in children were promoted. Children experienced the world around us at first-hand in harmony with nature and environment, and thus made their first contact with the exciting world of the latest state-of-the-art technologies.