Social Commitment

To RÖHRIG granit®, voluntary commitment means a lot

Associations such as fire brigades and support associations contribute significantly to our society. Acting in the interests of the organization, volunteers spend their spare time for the benefit of our society.


RÖHRIG granit® supports this initiative.


Kirschhausen Fire Department

Founded: 1901

Association goals: The voluntary fire department of Kirschhausen "Feuerwehr Kirschhausen" is a charitable organization. The purpose of the organization is, among other things, to support the volunteer firefighters of Kirschhausen when ensuring fire safety in the town of Kirschhausen, to support those living in rural areas, and to promote youth work.

The association is divided into four departments. The membership consists of 60 active members, along with 43 active members who are bandsmen of the department. The youth fire department consists of 38 active members. The fire department for senior, and honorary ex-firefighters in the retirement age consists of 17 active members. A field kitchen, five rescue vehicles ready to be put on standby, along with two rescue shears ("jaws of life") being laid out ready – the whole firefighting equipment is meant to protect the community of Kirschhausen.

Membership: 386