Sports is a very important equalizer in our daily lives to keep us fit. It is an attractive leisure activity, and ties up young and old alike.

By means of sporting and competition activities, such personal skills as fairness to each other, and open, trusting communication in harmony with one another are being trained and experienced over and over again due to sports.

Because of many positive hallmarks of sports, the associations from the surrounding areas are regularly supported by the RÖHRIG granit® company.


The Kirschhausen Shooters

Founded in 1974 as a shooting branch of the Shooting Club of Kirschhausen; in 1999 as a Shooting Society.

Association goals: The Kirschhausen Shooting Society "Schützengesellschaft Kirschhausen e.V." (registered society) aims to promote physical exercises, and athletic achievements as well as to preserve and maintain traditions and customs associated with shooting. The activities of the society are designed to selflessly promote the general public by means of exercising and maintaining shooting on the basis of sports.

The Society is a member of the Federal Sports Association of Hesse as well as the Shooting Federation of Hesse, and is an indirect member of the German Shooting  Association.

Membership: 95