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The RÖHRIG granit® LLC headquarters in Sonderbach. Mr. Gerhard Röhrig / Mr. Marco Röhrig


About RÖHRIG granit®

The RÖHRIG granite company, RÖHRIG granit® GmbH, is headquarted in Heppenheim-Sonderbach, Germany. Its branch office is located in Lampertheim, Germany. The company is a top supplier and producer of the natural raw material – granite – worldwide. On two quarry locations, based in Sonderbach, the company extracts a crystalline grey granodiorite. Red gneiss is extracted in Böllstein. Another plant for special mineral processing and refinement of different raw materials is located in Lampertheim.


Company history


approx. 1880
Johann Bräuer founded the quarry sites in Heppenheim-Sonderbach
Josef Röhrig buys the Gehrenberg quarry in Sonderbach
Josef Röhrig acquires the Obere Lärche quarry
Gerhard Röhrig opens his own business by establishing the high-quality splittings factory specializing in the production of splittings
Gerhard Röhrig purchases the Böllstein quarry
Founding of a new minerals factory for niche products in Lampertheim, involving refinement and packaging
The company operates four factories, and employs more than 70 staff
Here you can find the entire corporate history as a PDF file that can be downloaded from this site.
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