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I thank you for your interest in our company, Röhrig granit®. As managing director of our family business, I would like to acquaint you with our company philosophy.

I am passionate about my role as managing director and seek to lead my staff by example. Managing with a sense of inner conviction generates enthusiasm, energy, and an open mind toward anything new.


Our strategic corporate planning includes the following aims:

  • Secure long-term supply of raw materials
  • Sustainable success by means of quality and innovation
  • Result-oriented, efficient and therefore economical working practices
  • Reliable deliveries and strong customer loyalty
  • Acceptance of social responsibility both as a company and as people
  • Vigilant and safety-conscious approach
  • Far-sighted and targeted methods
  • Environmentally friendly attitude
  • Setting an example when working with the staff
  • Creating clear management structures
  • Encouraging individual responsibility among staff
  • Promoting open communication
  • Qualifying the workforce by means of further training


Basing our work on both the family tradition and an innovative approach is our strength.

My team and I would like to thank you for your trust. If you are not yet one of our customers and partners, we would like to get to know you. Please contact us. We are here for you.


Marco Röhrig