Röhrig granit® – A partner for clubs and associations

For many decades now, the RÖHRIG granit® company has maintained close ties with the local clubs. Since the early 1960s, the company and its proprietors have demonstrated commitment, and have been actively engaged in more than 1,500 activities, without too much displaying this kind of engagement to the public, though. Examples include renewal and redevelopment of the forest paths, earth-moving and excavation works in an indoor horse riding area and outdoor riding courtyard of the horse riding association, building the children´s playground in the nearby recreational area Bruchsee, along with donation and transport of a large number of erratic blocks. When constructing a multi-purpose hall in Erbach, which is part of Heppenheim, heavy equipment was provided by the RÖHRIG granit® company. In addition, the company provided building materials both for the construction of a village square and the renovation of the square in front of the church in Kirschhausen. RÖHRIG granit® also provided financial support to clubs, associations, choir houses, parish centers, fire departments--and the list could go on and on.

The most outstanding accomplishment on the long list was the purchase of a large house, which is 500 square meters large. The building previously belonged to Deutsche Telekom AG, covering an area of 5,000 square meters. Gerhard Röhrig, the company´s owner, has provided the property for free, which is guided by the cultural community of Heppenheim, thus making the real estate available to the Heppenheim organizations and associations for training purposes as well as for conducting their training sessions.

the list could go on and on